Wiccan Altar: The Guide for Beginners Solitary Practitioners with Tips for Setting Up Your Altar and Suggestions for The Perfect Tools and Supplies As Essential Oils and Herbs for A Magic Starter Kit

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If you want to become a great solitary practitioner of magic, setting up your own magic altar, employing tips never revealed before, then keep on reading Wiccan Altar…

Over the years, the eyes of many have been opened to the most important truth of the century: we are all part of a more substantial nature and Wicca has a more significant role to play in it. Many things and events have tried to stifle this knowledge from the earth, but any real idea or religion has its way of returning to the surface.

There was a time when being a Wicca, which had a different name at that time, was an offense. However, nowadays we can use magic and be a very successful person, and liked by our peers. Being a reviving culture or religion, a lot of people have made several criticisms through books, blogs, vlogs, and so many other media. These negative commentaries make it hard for new converts to enjoy the beauty of this religion.

In light of that, this book is aimed at guiding you through the different aspects of Wicca. As there is a lot of complex information out there, it can be quite difficult to sort out the good from the bad. This book was written to simplify the process for you, drawing from personal experiences and also the knowledge and skills of the sages…

Written with you in mind, this book has been set to enlighten you, and that journey starts now. It covers the following:

● What Is Wicca? And What Is Not!

● The Elements

● Create Your Own Book of Shadows

● The Wiccan Altar

● Create Your Own Altar

● Mythology

● How To Get Started

● Basic Principles and Laws

● Making Spells More Effective

● Buying and Purchasing Wicca Tools

● Essential Practical Tips for Working with Herbs

● Magical Cooking… AND MORE!!!

Even if you’ve never had to deal with such tools and natural supplies, you can learn how to do it in the right way and in a few simple steps.

If you want to set up your own altar easily, please let me show you how you can become a practitioner.

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