What is PSD file format ? What Is PSD Full Meaning ?

What is PSD file format
PSD file format Details: Graphics designers, especially those who work in Photoshop , are very familiar with the PSD file formats. Ordinary computer users are also well aware of this file format. There may still be some who need to know more about PSD files. Today’s post of our Noise Bangla Knowledge Bank Department is for them.

What is the full meaning of PSD?

PS – Photoshop
D – Document
Photoshop’s Photo to P and shop to S with PS and document to D with PSD’s full form has been formed. So, the whole meaning of PSD is Photoshop Document.

What is PSD file formats?

PSD file is a layered image file used in Photoshop. This is the default format of Photoshop which is mainly used for saving data in Photoshop. Another theoretical name for a PSD file is the proprietor file which allows a user to work with individual layers of any image. Even after saving the file, Photoshop users get this benefit.


PSD files allow the user to flatten after working with any image in Photoshop. It even allows the image to be saved and shared in JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF file formats and non-proprietary file formats.


Learn about PSD file format, especially its definition and theory. Hopefully, even if you don’t work in Photoshop, you’d love to know about this file extension in Photoshop.


However, once saved in any of the above formats, it can no longer be edited. So, it is wise to always save one copy in PSD format and not overwrite it while converting.



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