Upgraded Version Xbox One Power Supply Brick Cord, WEGWANG Quiet Ac Adapter Power Supply for Xbox One, Great Charging Accessory Kit with Cable for Xbox One Power Supply – A Must-Have for Xbox One

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Product Description

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xbox one power supplyxbox one power supply

xbox one power supplyxbox one power supply

xbox one power supplyxbox one power supply

xbox one power supplyxbox one power supply

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WEGWANG, a professional power supplier manufacturer for total solution and a world renowned brand. More than 80% of power supply for Xbox One on the market are designed and assembled in our factory. No mishaps! No more power interruptions! WEGWANG is the right choice for your game!

Are you looking for a reliable replacement to the original Xbox One Power Supply? Simply plug in your WEGWANG AC Adapter to the wall outlet and connect to the Xbox One AC port to get your console going for the next game round. No mishaps! No more power interruptions! Leverage a top-quality AC adapter with special circuitry designed for maximum compatibility with your Xbox One console.

Power Supply Care Tips(For Longer Using Life):

1. The fan keeps run and make a bit noise when the Xbox One turned off. Just go to settings>power and startup>power mode and startup. Change your power mode to energy saving and that should solve your problem!

2. Make sure that your Xbox one system is in power saving mode (as opposed to instant-on mode) if you are getting the loud noise when your console is off.

3. If the Power supply is still on while the console is off, you can remove the instant-on power mode and instead activate energy saving mode. Place Xbox One Power Supply in a well-ventilated location. The power supply becomes hot if it is placed in a location where there is not enough air flow (ex. inside a box or cabinet).

4. To increase the lifespan of the unit, unplug your Power Supply cord from the outlet whenever it’s not in use.

Technical Note:

1. Only compatible with Xbox one console: This AC adapter only compatible with xbox one console,not compatible with xbox one S/one X console.

2. Make sure the light on the power supply shows green as this is an indicator that the power supply is receiving power and working well.

3. Inspect your console for possible defects in the system itself if it does not work.

Product Specifications:

Compatible with: Xbox One Console Only

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V ~ 4.91A 47-63Hz

Output Voltage: DC 220W 12V–17.9A; 5Vsb–1A

LED indicator light: Green: Good; Orange: Standby; Power-saving than other’s power supply

Package Included:

1 x Power Adapter for Xbox One

1 x Power Cable(US Version)

Advanced No Noise Design: The quietest high quality Xbox One power supply in the market at moment, it adopts optimized motherboard to make sure it does a great job. Prevent overheating when charging and provide a longer life time. Just choose WEGWANG and get maximum value for your money with the leading AC adapter power supply cord.
High End Products with Protection Features: A new generation of Synchronous Rectifier (SR) controller ICs is used to obtain under-voltage protection and internal over-temperature protection. Its high level of integration allows the design of a cost-effective power supply with a very low number of external components.
Universal Power Adapter for Travelling: AC 100-240V ~ 4.91A 47-63Hz, OUTPUT: DC 220W 12V–17.9A; 5Vsb–1A. Auto Voltage allows the ac adapter to be used worldwide. No interruptions on your trip.
Dual LED Light Indicaters: WEGWANG Xbox One power adapter has different LED indicaters to show its status. Standby: orange light, Working: green light.
WHAT YOU GET: One WEGWANG AC Adapter Charger, One Charging Cable, One Package Box. And WEGWANG provides 1 year Warranty, 1 month money return guarantee and 24H x 7 email support.

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