SoundXtreme ST-X300 3 Way Electronic Car Stereo Crossover Dash Mount Bass Knob Remote Frequency Response 10Hz-30kHz Including Power Adapter Connector 60dB Separation

Price: $49.99
(as of May 08,2021 08:05:57 UTC – Details)

A crossover is an electronics device that takes a single input signal and creates two or three output signals consisting of separated bands of high-, mid-, and low-range frequencies. The different bands of frequencies feed the different speakers, or “drivers,” in a sound system: tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. Think of a crossover network as an audio traffic cop, directing highs to your tweeters, midrange to your woofers, and low bass to your sub.
Without a crossover, a messy, sonic “traffic jam” results. Your midrange and sub duplicate too many of the same frequencies and your sub wastes time trying to put out high notes it wasn’t meant to handle. A “fatal pile-up” could also occur, with your tweets being destroyed by some renegade tractor-trailer of a bass note thumping along in the wrong audio lane.
Front Channel High Pass Frequency Extender
Subwoofer Frequency Selector
Bass Boost Frequency Control
Bass Boost level Control
Phase Inverter
Subwoofer Stereo/Mono Switch
Front Channel Output Gain Control
Left/Right Front Channel Output Terminals
Rear Channel Output Gain Control
Left/Right Rear Channel Output Terminals
Subwoofer Output Gain Control
Left/Right Subwoofer Output Terminals
Subwoofer Output Level Remote Control Terminal
#Technical Details:
Crossover Frequencies (continuously variable): Front High-pass: (x1): 32-800Hz (x10): 320 – 8Khz
Rear High-pass: 32-800Hz
Subwoofer: 50-160Hz
Crossover slope rate: 12dB per octave 2nd Order Butter Worth
Subwoofer boost: Single octave 0dB to 12dB (variable) at 40 – 120
Hz(Variable) Input Impedance: >10K Ohms
Output Impedance: <1K Ohms
Output Gain: +3dB
Output Voltage Level: 5Volts Max.
Dimension: 6-7/8″w x 7-1/2″L x 1-3/8″H
Package Contents:
1 * Xover X300
1 * Power Adapter Connector
1 * Manual

Bass Boost Frequency and Level Control.
Phase Inverter Subwoofer Stereo/Mono Switch.
Subwoofer boost: Single octave 0dB to 12dB (variable) at 40 – 120 Hz(Variable).
Subwoofer Output Level Remote Control Terminal.

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