Runda Concealed Carry Holster, Universal IWB Holster | Inside The Waistband | Fits All Firearms S&W M&P Shield G17 19 23 25 26 27 29 30 32 33 38 42 43 Springfield XD X | with Extra Magazine Pouch

Price: $9.98
(as of May 13,2021 15:26:19 UTC – Details)

Good Flexibility
This universal holster can also fit ANY size hand gun, not just the sub-compact firearms that many other universal IWB holsters sold on Amazon require you to use. However, there has been some issues with certain models of SIG SAUER handguns that may require you to take a couple stitches out with a razor to fit the trigger guard in.

Good Adjustablity
The holster is designed for any type of carry i.e. appendix, hip, back carry, etc.

Ease To Use
Simply place inside your waistband and place the durable metal clip to rest over any size pant belt to hold securely in place.

Quality Guarantee
Universal Neoprene Inside The Waist (IWB) Holster is a high-quality surgical grade and breathable neoprene material. Whether using as your main method of concealed carry or as a back-up concealed carry firearm, you can count on the quick draw capability and durability this holster offers. The thumb break retention strap on the IWB holster is incredibly fast and effective with the simple flick of your thumb.

The Extra Magazine Pouch
Whether you’re carrying an extra magazine, a knife, or any form of non-lethal protection such as taser or pepper spray, you will be able to enjoy the 2 piece EXTRA neoprene belt clip holster so you can comfortably carry your spare magazine, knife, pepper-spray, taser, etc..

Universal inside and outside – Ambidextrous design holds your handgun close against your body and can be usded for inside or outside. Place the durable metal clip to rest over any size pant belt to hold securely in place. Our strong buckle hammer strap will tightly lock down and prevent your weapon from bouncing out!
Small size – G26, 27, 29, 30, 39, 28, 33, 36, and 43, M&P Shield in 9mm, .40, and .45 ACP, Ruger LC9 ,Taurus Slim Line, PT111, Springfield XD Series, Beretta,Bersa ,Kahr Arms,Colt,Walther,and other Compact Pistols.
Large size – Most 9mm 357 40 45 PISTOLS. G17 19 23 25 32 38 Sig Sauer P320 Springfield XD-S 4″ Springfield XD-E and any pistol with a slide length between 6.5″ – 7.2″ long.
Good concealment – Inside the pants holster is comfortable enough to built for every day concealed carry;It is easy to hide with little to no printing no matter how you dressed.
High quality neoprene – Soft and breathable lightweight neoprene inner material to keep your stomach from itching, sweating, and discomfort. Includes premium vented padding with air holes between the gun and your stomach for added comfort on hot days. Our durable neoprene will prevent your weapon from rubbing against your stomach.

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