Eveco Car Handbag Holder Between Seats – Universal Handbag Holder for Car Front Seat – Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder – Auto Storage Accessories for Men Women Interior – Automotive Console Organizer

Price: $15.99
(as of May 08,2021 07:27:34 UTC – Details)

Finding a place for your things in the car is a problem when you are a busy person. Especially when you have kids, it is always a challenge to keep a clean car. Let alone tidying your car takes so much time and energy.

But don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

This Car Handbag Holder keeps all your essentials in one place like your purse, beverage, snacks, documents, gadgets, and a lot more. Plus, this car bag holder will keep your pets and kids from moving to the front seat allowing you to drive undisturbed and safe.

This adjustable and durable faux leather large-capacity bag fits easily between the front seats of any car. Super easy to install. It doesn’t need any tools and bolts.

With your Car Bag Holder, you will have a safe trip to the grocery, school picks up/drop-off, and road trip.

This car purse holder fits all cars.

How To Use
1. Attach the buckles to the driver and passenger’s headrest.
2. Take the circle attachment and the bottom cord. Adjust the cord.
3. Place the circle attachment between the backrest and the seat of the passenger’s seat.

Material: Strong Faux Leather and Polyester Fiber
Size: 10.6 Inches by 15.7 Inches
Color: Black
Compatible Car Models: Any cars
Compatible Items: Documents, Purses, Bags, Bottled Beverages, and Small Accessories

What’s In The Box?
1 Car Handbag Holder
1 User Manual
1 Circle Attachment

Faux Leather
A Simple and Safe Space Saver: Enjoy an extra safe and hassle-free trip with this multifunctional car net pocket handbag holder! The faux leather back seat organizer connects easily from one front seat to another without covering your console or dirtying up your car interior. The faux leather large capacity bag is also designed with stretchable fabric and adjustable straps, making this car net pocket compatible with both large SUVs and compact sedans.
Wide and Upgraded Storage: Do you need storage for various everyday items? You’re in luck! This purse holder for cars comes with wide and easy storage for all kinds of larger and smaller items, from smartphones, DVDs, rings, keys, and cards to larger items like tablets, hydroflasks, pocketbooks, napkin boxes, car insurance and registration documents, and many more products. Indeed, this cargo tissue purse holder works great not only for bags and purses but also for your favorite accessories!
Extra Efficient Protection: This extra thick and durable purse storage and pocket forms a complete barrier between you and naughty pets and children seated at the rear, so you don’t have to worry about any dipping sauces, water, or dogs causing you trouble while you drive. Super moms who need to make stops at the grocery and pet owners who need to take their cats and dogs to the park will surely love this simple yet premium back seat net bag!
Fast, Simple, and Easy Assembly: There’s no need to struggle with any bolts, screws, and suction cups with this mesh large-capacity bag! The car back seat mesh organizer takes only a minute to install and does not require any additional electronics or lights. Simply strap the purse storage and pocket into the center console, then buckle it to the front seats. Easy! Please note that this car handbag holder is compatible with all car consoles.
Sturdy and Stable Protection: Stop worrying about messes due to road stoppers with this extra stable and durable car net pocket! This car front seat organizer holds purses, bags, cellphones, documents, and many other items firmly. Everything in your faux leather back seat organizer stays in place without falling over even during fast driving or travel on curvy roads. Say goodbye to spilled make-up and sauces, and say hello to a cleaner interior with this extra reliable purse holder for cars!

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