Elando Crystal Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max, Non-Yellowing Shockproof Protective Phone Case Slim Thin

Price: $12.98
(as of May 07,2021 08:06:39 UTC – Details)

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Elando Crystal Clear Case Compatible with 12 Pro Max, Non-Yellowing Shockproof Protective Phone Case Slim Thin

Q1: Is this suitable for my 12 Pro Max?

A1: Yes, this phone case fits this model, the holes and size are made precisely so it’ll only fit this specific phone, I also noticed the raised button areas are pretty easy to press and will not affect the speaker when being used.

Q2: Is this case prone to yellowing, fogging, or scratching?

A2: No. This product uses durable raw materials, and has undergone strict testing, constant temperature and humidity testing, and abrasion resistance testing to ensure that the product is resistant to yellowing, scratching, and fogging, I think that it’s better than that of others you can find out there!

Q3: Is this case drop-proof?

A3: Its stated that this case meets US military-grade drop test standards, and I can see there are little airbags in each four corners, The edge of the phone case is 1.3mm higher than the screen and 2.2mm higher than the camera, so it’s just enough to give you protection.

Q4: Is this mobile phone case compatible with wireless chargers?

A4: Of course, this phone case thickness is also thin enough so that wireless chargers can be used even when the case is on.

Q5: Why are there dots on the side of my case and not on the back?

A5: The back is designed with space to spread out heat caused by your phone and also is made to be fingerprint free and not leave water marks. At the same time, the distribution of heat is doubled so that the battery life can be extended and 5G signal will not be affected. The micro-dot design on the side is very small, and so it doesn’t affect the overall design of the case or the phone.

Crystal Clear: Super slim, and crystal clear our iPhone case looks clean and keeps the original design of your phone intact.
Protected Against Dropping: With US miliatary grade reinforced corners, our case protects your phone from drops and bumps with case.
Keeps Your Screen and Camera Protected: Our raised design gives just enough space to help protect your camera and screen.
A Perfect Fit: Fits just perfectly with enough space for your ports and buttons making it easy to use and comfortable.

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