Earn Money From Google Play Store Best 5 Ways

Earn Money From Google Play Store

Earn Money From Google Play Store Easily. There are many ways to earn money from Play Store. If you know the ways, then you can give importance to the desire to earn from here, that is, you can be interested in income.Even so, owning one remains on the far side the reach of the typical person.

One of the 5 special ways to earn money from Google is the Play Store from where you can easily earn money. In fact, the Internet is now used not only for general communication on Facebook or email, but also for daily use as well as multi-dimensional income opportunities. And many users of the current generation are taking this opportunity.

People who specialize in a particular job, be it graphic design or web design or content writing, are making good money using their skills. For those who are not skilled in any particular job, there are ways to earn.

All in all, whether you are skilled or incompetent, you can spend your intellect and time to earn some money from the internet. Google Play Store is a great source of income for many.

Earlier we knew how to make money from Apple’s App Store. Today I will know the way to earn money from Play Store or Google Play.

Ways to make money from the Play Store :

Earnings from app sales:

The best and most appropriate way to earn money from the Google Play Store or Google Play is to sell the app, no doubt about it. If you are a developer, this option is best for you. And even without being a developer, you can develop apps with others and sell them here.

Although you will allow your app users to use your app for a fee, you can also have a free version for marketing the app. Moreover, if you want to make your app popular with Android users, you need to provide better service than others.

Remember, if you want to make money by selling apps, there is no option to develop a good quality app as well as make the app popular. Now it’s your marketing technique or free or paid promotion, whatever.

However, making money from app sales is not always easy. For this, you first have to choose a niche that users always like. In particular, if you can create an app that is able to meet the needs of users or provide solutions to a particular issue, your chances of success will be greatly increased. So, instead of creating an app on nonsense, make an app on a good topic and focus on making it standard.

Income from in-app purchases:

One of the most important ways to earn money from the Play Store with the app is the in-app purchase option. This option is mostly applicable to games and other entertainment apps. The in-app purchase option is to open different ways to buy different items, new characters, character outfits, new locations, new cars, etc.

In this case you can give your app the option to download for free where users will use it for free, but buying different items will increase your income. For example, you can unlock the basic functions of your app or game for free, but leave out certain premium features that you have to pay to unlock. It’s a good idea to make money from the Play Store, which is used by almost all developers.

In that case, you need to make your app attractive and interactive so that the user becomes addicted to it and is forced to buy new features. However, keep in mind that more features cannot be locked. Because, from the user experience of the last few years, it has been seen that the apps or games that have more feature locks, the users get out of them. Therefore, you need to maintain a balance when it comes to in-app purchases.

Income from in-app advertising:

According to various surveys, 49% of apps have in-app ads feature. This option allows you to open your app for free to the users. In this case, the more you can increase the popularity of your game or app, the more it will be downloaded. And the more people download and use your app, the more likely you are to make money from your ad.

Some app developers have a free app with in-app purchase options on the one hand, and in-app ads on the other. You can also keep both if you want or just keep the add option. In that case, you can specify in the app or game description that there is no in-app purchase. This will increase your user. And if you want to keep both, you have to keep a good balance between the two.

In order to make money from in-app ads, you need to pay attention to another thing. And that is not to do frequent ad shows. Users are very annoyed as some apps have the option to launch ads minute by minute. If you do not do this, your users will use your app for a long time.

It is wise to set up rewards to encourage users to watch videos. In other words, every time he sees a video ad, he will get some reward. Maybe that’s the point with which he can unlock any feature or enjoy additional benefits.\

Earnings through sponsorship:

Another great way to earn money from the Play Store is to take sponsorship for the app. If you can deal sponsorship with well-known or famous brands, it will not only bring you money, but also increase the publicity of your app.

Remember, with good quality sponsorship, you will be able to choose the marketing costs of your app or game with a variety of new designs, feature development. In other words, with the money earned from the sponsorship, you can easily bear all these expenses. As a result, your original revenue will remain.

Proceeds from the subscription system:

If your app is suitable for subscription models, it will open up another avenue of revenue for you. For example, if your app is fitness related and has a feature called fitness routine, you can offer a subscription system for more workout routines.

Or, if your app is music or video streaming related, you can encourage users to subscribe for better quality, playlists or download options.

Also, you can run various campaigns, coupons or discounts through your app for which customers must subscribe. You can keep a very small amount as a subscription fee. But if there are more subscribers, then this little money will bring you outstanding success.

Last word:

The mobile app world is growing day by day and various innovations are being added. At the same time, the opportunity to earn money from Google Play Store is also increasing with the app. And there are various ways to earn money, some of which we have discussed above. You can use any combination of ways or ways you want.


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