5 Android apps to earn money by listening to music

earn money by listening to music earn money by listening to music,

Earn money by listening music: Ever thought of making money listening to music? Maybe not, it’s normal not to. Because, you just listen to the music. And who will pay you to listen to that song! When you think of earning money from listening to music, you will think that this is normal.

But there are really some Android apps that will pay you to listen to music. Not only this, with the help of music reviews you can earn money. Today’s post is about earning money by listening to music where you don’t have to write any reviews, just listen to music.


However, in addition to listening to music, you need to do some other small things to increase your income. Let’s know about the apps, as well as the details of the works-

App to earn money by listening to music:

Current Music Screen – Earn Cash & Money Rewards:
Current Music Screen will reward you for listening to the song. In some cases real money means dollars, in some cases gift cards. However, you can convert this gift card into dollars again. Or you can buy and sell from the designated online store with them.
About 1 lakh radio stations have been integrated in the Current Music Screen app. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
There is also more work to be done to earn from this app-

Listening to music as well as other activities-

>Income by expressing opinion about the song through the survey.

>Earn free apps and games.

>Earn by watching short videos.

>Invite friends to use this app.

Gift Cards That Can Be Acquired and Used:-

Pay-pal gift card
Amazon Gift Card
Walmart gift card
Uber gift card
Adidas gift card
Google Play Gift Card
Target gift card
Income: About 600$ a year

Caution: If you create more than one ID or use VPN, the account will be banded.


Renaissance: Listen & Earn

This is a good app to earn money from listening to music. With this app you can also connect with world famous artists.

The means of income-

>Income from listening to music on the app.
>Earn by streaming YouTube.
>Earn money by joining all streaming parties around the world.
>Earnings by supporting a favorite artist on the leader board.
>Income by making music profiles.


Indian Music Player – Earn Money, Rewards & Cash:

Don’t think that the app is only for Indian users, but anyone in any part of the world can use this money making app. This app is basically a music player, which contains audio and video. And you can earn money by listening to all these audio music or watching music videos.

All you have to do to earn money from Indian Music Player is listen to your favorite songs. Instead, redeem the coins deposited in your account. That is, converting coins into Indian rupees.
In addition to listening to music, you can also earn extra money by sharing the Indian Music Player app with friends. This will allow your friends to earn money from this app. Visit the official page of the app for more details and go to the Play Store by clicking the download button below and install the app.
You must have a PayPal account to withdraw money from these apps to earn money by listening to music. So, learn how to open a PayPal account. And I think it would be wiser to use the accounts of those who have friends or relatives outside the country and those who have PayPal accounts among them.
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