10 free Architecture Software For Design Your Home & office

Architecture Software For Design

Architecture Software For Design are share in this post. Free Architecture Software list are in this post. Are you an architect, do you often have to design a home or office? However, you need architecture software with which you can easily design any home or office.

If you are an architecture student, you need to practice to improve your skills. And this kind of software will give you the opportunity to practice virtually and build yourself up. Many people practice regular architecture in these softwares with resources from some of the best websites to learn AutoCAD which helps them to improve their skills.


Many times we have to re-design our own home or office, or redecorate the interior of the apartment, we still need architecture designing software.

If you are the owner of an apartment or office and you want to try different designs, you can design your own with this kind of software. And you can leave the design of your choice.

5 free architecture software:

Once a design is complete, it cannot be broken down into a new one. It is very expensive, especially to start all over again. So, with free software, first design and then go to construction.

Revit Architecture:

Revit Architecture is completely free for students of architecture. And 3 years free license for professional architects. With landscape modifying facilities, this software is highly structured and a sure fit of ideal design. Accuracy is a very important part of this software which assures you of perfect design.

Any type of structure can be erected with this software. It can even be viewed in 3D form. Can be drafted and every part of the design can be overviewed from start to finish. However, it requires some experience to use and you can learn it by watching the tutorials.

Revit Architecture link

SweetHome 3D:

Architects value SweetHome 3D as an open source software. This is basically for those who want to redesign their office, home or any building.

A user can design his home or office as well as arrange interior furniture. You can even see the 3D version of the design. There are some additional 3D models that can be used to make the design more attractive.

SweetHome 3D

Design Wordshop Lite:

With a clean and easy to use interface, Design Wordshop Lite gives you free access. However, you can also use the paid version of this 3D model software if you want some additional benefits.

You can use different materials for each floor, wall and other parts. There are options to categorize objects. There is also the opportunity to determine the phase and name. For those new to architecture design, Design Wordshop Lite may be an ideal choice.

Design Wordshop Lite

3D Home Design:

Even though the name is 3D, with this powerful software you can also design a 2-D professional plan. You can even view your indoor and outdoor designs with it at the same time.

3D Home Design is a free and open source design software. Its graphics are very realistic which means you will see the very real picture of the design of your dreams through it. New or old, inexperienced or expert, all kinds of architectures make it easy to use.

3D Home Design

My Virtual Home:

My Virtual Home is like a game for home, office or apartment builders. You can select a standard size room, then add it to your design, or even move furniture or other materials.

My Virtual Home

Hope you have a good idea about the 5 Architecture Software For Design mentioned above. Now it’s your turn to use it, download it by clicking on the link given on the button and enjoy the design of your dreams.


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